About Davenport Cancer Center

The Davenport Cancer Center is the newest facility to break ground in Davenport, FL. Located at 2050 Holly Hill Fruit Road, Optimal Outcomes purchased the 2.21 acres to design, develop, and construct the 14,380 SF facility for Florida Cancer Specialists or “FCS”. Building the new comprehensive cancer center means the current office for Florida Cancer Specialists, a quarter mile down the road, will quadruple in size.

In order to provide the highest quality of healthcare to the community, we’ve exercised Evidence-Based Design (“EBD”) throughout the planning, designing, and construction phases of this project. EBD is about creating better buildings through the knowledge and application of proven best practices identified through the collection and sharing of knowledge learned within these phases. Ultimately, the 14,380 SF cancer center only improves the quality, convenience, and delivery of healthcare from providers to patients, but it also reduces patient stress, includes innovative operational efficiencies, and enhances overall patient/provider experiences.

When complete in early 2023, the 14,380 SF facility will offer patients access to Medical Oncology, Hematology, Clinical Research, next-generation mobile PET/CT imaging, 11 exam rooms, and 35 infusion chairs surrounded by oversized windows. To protect the staff and patients as they enter/exit the facility, we’ve integrated a drop-off canopy.

Thanks to our partnership with Precise Construction as our General Contractor, GHC as our Architect, and Quigg Engineering as our Civil Engineer, we will be able to fulfill Florida Cancer Specialists‘ mission of providing World Class Medicine to the patients in Polk County.

Additional opportunities are available next to the future Florida Cancer Specialists facility.