What are the benefits of building a new healthcare facility?
  • Increase the delivery and quality of care
  • Improve patient convenience
  • Support the latest technology and medical equipment
  • Increase physician and employee satisfaction
  • Create economies of scale
  • Enhance market presence
  • Adapt to consumer preferences
  • Make a competitive statement
What is the estimated cost of a new facility?

Size, location, and finishes are only some of the variables that influence a healthcare development project. When working with an experienced healthcare developer (like us), you are ensured a realistic budget inclusive of design, permitting, and other costs with professional execution and costly mistakes averted. If you are contemplating a specific project, we can provide a cost estimate and go from there.

What economic structures are available to fund a project?

Various structures are available to fund a new healthcare development project. These include:

  • Lease or “build-to-suit”
  • Partial ownership or “joint venture”
  • Full ownership

While each structure has its own benefits and challenges, each can be tailored to your specific needs. Just ask!

What is the timeline for a new facility to be completed?

From the moment the project scope is defined up to owner/tenant occupancy, the typical development schedule for a ground-up healthcare facility ranges between 18 and 24 months.

How does Optimal Outcomes work with healthcare providers?

There is a material difference between a “general contractor” and a “development partner.” Optimal is the latter and our approach is aimed at allowing providers the ability to focus on the business of medicine. In contrast, we focus on every aspect of delivering a new facility on schedule and on budget. Optimal Outcomes manages and assumes responsibility for all aspects of healthcare facility development including site selection, due diligence, securing entitlements, design & engineering, permitting, construction, and ongoing facility management.

As a privately held, well-capitalized, firm with 25+ years of experience validated by over 2.5 million square feet of exceptional healthcare projects in Florida, we have the expertise and resources to design custom solutions for every ambulatory healthcare development. Whether a practice is considering a lease structure, full ownership, or partial ownership in a project, we can create the ideal economic partnership to fit the client’s needs.