Why do we exist?

We exist to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare by using our expertise and experience to develop the best possible real estate solutions. We simply want to make a positive difference.

How do we behave?

We enter relationships with a partnership mentality. We look beyond today with an understanding that trust is earned over time. While the current project is paramount, so too is the next one and we never forget that. We have never been in litigation nor have we ever failed to consummate a project. Our references speak volumes about our actions and most of our work comes from direct referrals.

What do we do?

We develop the highest quality most progressive ambulatory real estate solutions. We utilize a consensus-driven approach seeking not to replicate the last project but, instead, improve upon it. We want to be agents of change and we employ a proactive approach challenging ourselves as well as our clients. In the end, we are hopeful that we make a difference by developing innovative and proactive projects that improve the delivery of healthcare.

How do we succeed?

We listen. We communicate. We think. We discuss. We agree. Then, and only then, we proceed with the design and construction. Our process is based on early goal and project definition. We do not build boxes; instead, we design and develop solutions for providers by using real estate assets as a tool. Defining our success is simple. If our project improves the quality, convenience, efficiency and economics of the clients business, we consider that a success.

What do we view as paramount?

Healthcare is a business where quality is a requirement for success. Cost containment is also critical as the demands on the healthcare industry increase over time. We strive to maximize the cost/quality equation. Better spatial layouts offer improved operational efficiency and reduce FTEs. Consolidation of multiple offices improves cost-per-patient encounter in many ways. Better facility location and improved community access may capture additional patient volume. While quality remains paramount, costs are also of critical importance and cannot be ignored. In the end, the highest quality, lowest cost provider will win.