Long Term Perspective

We are not simply a development company. We are a healthcare facility development partner. There’s a difference, and our clients recognize and appreciate that difference.

Many firms can build a building. Few do so with the insight necessary to make the delivery of care more efficient and cost effective. It’s what we do. With 40 years of combined experience, we know how to serve health systems and physicians by developing facilities that improve performance.

Healthcare is continually evolving and we believe the key to success will be predicated on two primary drivers over time: (1) the ability to provide the highest quality of care, and (2) the ability to achieve the lowest possible cost. Appropriately designed and constructed facilities represent tools that can impact both of these drivers, not only today but well into the future. Our experience coupled with a long-term perspective translates into proactive planning that not only addresses operations today but also contemplates future changes in the delivery of healthcare. Our expertise can show you how to be prepared. Let us be your partner.

Proven Experience

The Optimal Outcomes team represents a variety of perspectives providing a deep understanding of a provider’s business and its inherent challenges. Our experience with over 100 projects encompasses most every specialty and healthcare service offered in an outpatient setting. With a passion to learn, adapt, grow and excel, we have the background to accentuate, complete and fulfill your vision.

Optimal Outcomes has developed over 1,000,000 square feet of medical space and holds ownership positions in most of our buildings. We have learned that the path to quality is inherent when we hold a long-term ownership position. Involving physicians in our investments has proven to produce an element of strength for all. We find with a collaborative approach, our plans exceed our partner’s objectives and our designs remain flexible and enduring.

Our competence is healthcare real estate planning, design and development. We design custom solutions through a team approach involving local experience and innovative thinking. Our services can be all-inclusive and turn-key or flexible to fit your particular need. We have never failed to consummate a project we started. We have never been in default with any client or lender. We have never been involved in litigation. We do business in a way that results in relationships with most of our projects coming through referral and our track record speaks for itself. It’s what you should expect from a partner.

Let’s Build Something Wonderful

Single Source Accountability

We will not build a building – we will build a tool to enable you to compete.

Optimal Outcomes measures the success of a project by how the final product meets the goals and objectives of the client. While we provide single point accountability for all aspects of the project, we also solicit the input of our clients, favoring a synergistic approach that encompasses many perspectives, viewpoints and experiences. The best solution yesterday may not be the best solution tomorrow. Our design and construction teams align for accountability to quality, budget and timeline. Above all else, we ensure our approach delivers the results we promised.

Hospitals and providers are busy managing the business of healthcare. That business has and continues to be more complex, costly and time consuming. Our single source approach allows providers to leverage our expertise while remaining focused on their core business – quality care, cost containment and revenue recognition. Outsourcing continues to grow because it works. Let us deal with all aspects of your real estate while you employ your talents and expertise where it is most valuable.

The services we provide involve every element necessary to complete your vision. We also offer these services as needed to fit your particular situation. Some of these primary services include:

  • Conceptualization & Real Estate Strategy
  • Assessment, Advising & Feasibility Analysis
  • Capital Procurement & Financing
  • Project Management & Construction Oversight
  • Property Management

Flexible Capital and Ownership Structures

As a privately held company, we have the ability to effectuate virtually any project or transaction structure. Translation: we have no predefined parameters and we do not use our last project structure as a baseline for our next.

Optimal Outcomes typically maintains an ownership position in all of our projects. Maintaining a continuing economic interest helps to ensure all decisions are consistent in preserving the long term viability of the project. We encourage physician participation and have implemented a wide variety of models entailing shared ownership.

Many developers shy away from joint venturing on ownership because it disrupts their “exit strategy”. Our strategy is not an exit; it’s a long term partnership. We are proud of our buildings and even more so of the relationships they inspire.