Cierra Watson


“Money Maestro”

Cierra is the controller on the Optimal Outcomes team based in St. Petersburg, FL. Next to Kim, who is the heart of Optimal, Cierra is responsible for monitoring the company’s financial health. With the wave of excel sheets, she maintains, manages, and analyzes financial statements, budgets, tax compliance issues, and more. Her bright personality is a client/company bonus to work with.

Business is all about balance. The benefit of working for Optimal is the team knows how to surround themselves with assets, while mitigating the unavoidable liabilities for the greatest desired outcome, all with transparency. There is always something to discover and truly admiring the people I am fortunate to work with make every challenge effortless.

As an Academy of Finance graduate, Cierra has accumulated a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the varied responsibilities of the accounting profession. Beginning with a high school internship in the City of Yonkers, NY, she has 15+ years of experience in bookkeeping and administrative duties.

Cierra has held titles such as A/P specialist, purchasing clerk, and V.I.T.A associate, all contributing to the skills necessary to be a part of the Optimal team. She finished her B.S. in Accountancy at the University of South Florida- St. Pete.