Anthony Boggini

Project Manager

“Head of Herding Deadlines”

Anthony Boggini is the Development Specialist at Optimal Outcomes, based in St. Petersburg, FL. He oversees and facilitates the entire development process for our clients, from vacant land to turnkey delivery with Andy. He is responsible for coordinating team members of all facets into a synchronous performance. This is essential to achieve the success of the Optimal Outcomes standard. Anthony’s scope of work has rapidly grown across the nation. He is currently spearheading developments with American Oncology Network in Georgia, Arizona, Missouri, Washington State, and Washington D.C.

Something I pride myself on is my tendency to cultivate meaningful relationships with our clients – there is no greater way to recognize success.

And it shows. Anthony’s demeanor and professionalism with our client, American Oncology Network, have made him a favorite amongst decision-makers, as well as our staff. He is proactive, efficient, and quick to respond. Anthony has also spent time in the construction field prior to his employment with Optimal Outcomes. With this experience, Anthony is highly knowledgeable about the construction process and works seamlessly with our trusted, contracted teams.

Born in New England and brought up in St. Petersburg, Anthony Boggini graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate. He is the oldest of three boys and was born to a family of avid outdoorsmen. If he is not in the office, you can find him in the duck blind or running the cockpit of a local sportfish boat.