“It was apparent from the beginning that Optimal was more than a developer. They not only understood healthcare, but were eager to work with us to create something different to help us realize our vision. Not only that, but they did exactly what they said they would do. Choosing Optimal made the process simple for us and we could not be more pleased.”
-Jeffrey Paonessa, MD - Gulfcoast Oncology Associates

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“We first envisioned this project with the goal to provide comprehensive medical and oncology services under one roof. I’ve been in healthcare for over 20 years and bar none, I think this is the most state-of-the-art, best facility I have seen.
Partnering with Optimal Outcomes we got the best of both worlds…taking all of the burden off of FCS, while at the same time having a partner that was going to design, plan, and then execute on building a facility for us that was going to meet our business objectives, and ultimately allow us to differentiate ourselves compared to our competition.”
- Brad Prechtl, CEO – Florida Caner Specialist and Research Institute

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“Physicians and patients both compliment the new facility. Some reference the interior space design and aesthetics. Some reference the convenient location and parking. I think everyone appreciates the convenience. We have yet to hear anything negative and our patient volumes are exceeding our expectations. We could not be more pleased.”
-Marilyn Frystak, Chief Operating Officer – Gulfcoast Oncology Associates

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“We have found Optimal to be an excellent partner, both during the construction as well as in the building management aspects of the process to date. We are very pleased with our choice and expect the relationship to be long and mutually beneficial.”
- Eric Feder, Chief Operating Officer Bayfront Health System

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“I have had the opportunity to work extensively with Optimal Outcomes from conception to completion of a 48,000 sf Medical Office Building located on our campus. Their consultative services were invaluable in the early discussions concerning the feasibility of this project with respect to St. Anthony’s Hospital. Of greater importance than their conceptual presentation of ideas as consultants/developers, is their ability to perform and deliver which Optimal has done.”
- Carl Tremonti, Chief Financial Officer – St. Anthony’s Health Care

“It was great working with Optimal Outcomes. We had an impossible deadline and you met it. The company kept everyone informed and comfortable during the project and followed up successfully with any concerns after the project was completed.”
-Emily Callaway, Executive Director of St. Anthony’s Physician Services

“I am elated to be in the new building. The Optimal team worked diligently to understand the need of my practice and the result speaks for itself. Patients and staff are pleased with the new space and, most importantly, the way it functions. The end product is quality that helps to improve patient care and operational efficiency. Optimal Outcomes really added value.”
- Trina E. Espinola, MD – FACS

“When we outgrew our old office we spent a lot of time looking at our options. We did considerable research on purchasing and leasing real estate on both sides of the bay. When we met with Optical Outcomes their knowledge of the commercial real estate market was impressive, but more important than that was the manner in which they do business. Optimal has been a pleasure to work with from the conceptual design to the completion of the punch list, providing valuable assistance without being overly intrusive. They did not try to sell a preconceived product, but instead listened to our needs and provided a wonderful working environment that was within our budget. We were well-informed throughout the entire process and there were no unexpected delays, which have become too commonplace in new construction. Their organization exceeded our expectations in performing professionally and personally in all facets of the development of our office.”
-Greg Hahn, MD

“Optimal Outcomes is a very dynamic company that has provided the entire Northside project with the foundation and structure needed to make it a success. It is rare to work with a company like Optimal that not only pays attention to details as they pertain to the building project, but have the insight to understand that the organization can use such a project to promote hospital programs. It has been my pleasure to work with Optimal and feel that the partnerships they form between the physicians and hospitals are remarkable accomplishments for projects such as these”
- Vinay Badhwar, MD - Cardiac Surgical Associates