Centers of Excellence & Medical Office Buildings

We are engaged in healthcare’s evolution and believe that a quality medical building supports and enhances the outcome of its users and their patients.  Centers of Excellence embody this mission – to provide access to healthcare in the best and most appropriately designed venue possible.  Centers of Excellence involve critical mass of providers and specialists that focus on common modalities.  The result is a place where the best possible care is achievable.  For the providers it represents a competitive edge.  For the patient it represents hope and the best possible outcome.

Optimal Outcomes has performed for multiple health systems by planning, designing and developing Centers of Excellence for Cardiology, Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment, Orthopedics and Women’s Health Centers.  Whether stand alone or integrated, the power of these centers to draw patients, increase referral opportunities and capture market share makes them valuable clinical assets.  Our experience demonstrates the significance a partner can have in extending your strategy, establishing a market presence and aligning in a formal sense with practitioners that drive a Center of Excellence.


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