945 Medical Place – On Campus, Multi-Specialty

Optimal Outcomes completed the design and construction of a 63,000 sq.ft. three-story medical office building, including a 22,000 sq.ft. digital imaging center, in Richland, Washington.  The project was unique in that the underlying structure provided for two classes of ownership units in the LLC.   One class of non-voting units was purchased with cash and offered a formulaic economic return.  The second class of voting units was allocated to every tenant based on pro-rata occupancy.  This structure provides for long-term viability by assigning voting rights based on tenancy rather than allowing money alone to control the deal.  The project was complex in that it involved ownership by a not-for-profit hospital, Kadkec Medical Center, as well as three diverse physician group practices.  Financing was arranged and structured by Optimal Outcomes using this unique ownership structure which affords long term stability for the project.

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