Stephanie Cicillini


“Jack of all Trades”

Stephanie Cicillini is the Marketing Specialist on the Optimal Outcomes team based in St. Petersburg, FL.  Outside of her day-to-day responsibilities, she works closely with Patrick, Andy, and Anthony to provide support on Project Management, Business Development, and increasing brand awareness as the portfolio continues to grow nationwide within the healthcare industry.

I love partnering with teams who are passionaite about what they do and are driven by leaders who are avid learners. Learning never stops and the goal is to treat everyday as an opportunity to build on expertise and self-awareness.

Born and raised in New York City, Stephanie served the retail industry for six years. Her expertise in customer service allowed her to climb the corporate ladder across multiple stores and management positions. From there, Stephanie was able to fine-tune her passion and cross over to the marketing and public relations industry. After spending four years in a highly reputable firm, Stephanie then moved to St. Petersburg to join Optimal Outcomes in 2018.

Stephanie is charismatic with strong and proven organizational skills.  Over the years, Stephanie has built relationships with numerous vendors and clients such as Florida Cancer Specialists, American Oncology Network, and Florida Joint & Spine Institute. While it comes easy to her, these relationships are crucial to the success of our projects. Overall, her willingness to go the extra mile to solve challenges has made Stephanie an exceptional addition to the team.

People make the difference in every organization. The right team will help achieve your goals and when your employees feel respected and valued, you’ll cultivate a successful work environment.

Stephanie Cicillini graduated from Hunter College with a B. A. in Economics. She enjoys an active life with her two pups, good food, and meaningful experiences.